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Misty Forest

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Important News Update
Rules and Character Template have been updated recently! Please go check them out! Remember, template is optional and not necessary when making a character.
Welcome To...
Misty Forest
There are many secrets in the world. There is magic hidden in plain sight. There are time-forgotten creatures. There is magic, good and bad. There are very few people who know of this, some good but some bad as well. Some people want these secrets for their own gain. They want to kill and slaughter these creatures for money and fame. They think there is no where for them to run or hide. They are wrong.

The Misty Forest is a sanctuary for all the creatures who seek safety and shelter. From unicorns to shapeshifters, all are welcome to hide deep within the trees, engulfed in the mist. Here, in this sleepy forest, hidden with a blanket of mist, is where all kinds of magic can hide. Some things are best left alone, hidden, and forgotten.

All are welcome to make a character. Any type of character is allowed. Be creative! Be original! Use an old character you made a while back or make a fresh one. Start a forum if none stand out to you. PLEASE read the rules, even though it's all basic stuff it's good to be on the same page as others.

All other readings are optional but go along with the history of The Forest and give some interesting facts and details about it if you're curious.

Any questions or concerns at all just message the Owner.

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