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The Secret of Burgh Hielan

Evil is Brewing in the Highlands

Level: 2 - Intermediate
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Please read game rules and 'About Burgh Hielan' on the Information tab before joining.

Years ago, Burgh Hielan was ruled by a family of merciless vampires. The life of the peasants was daunting, filled with fear and oppression and the constant terror of not knowing when one of their own might be snatched off the street to serve the royal family's dark purpose.

Then one night, a mutiny was formed and the peasants attacked, overthrowing the royal family and setting the castle ablaze, reclaiming the land that was once their own. A new king was elected to lead the people and for the next hundred years, Burgh Hielan has prospered with only the stress of heightening taxes and poor weather to somber the moods of the citizens.

The old castle still stands on its place high up on the cliff, but no one goes there anymore. Rumor has it that the place is still being used by those daring creatures of the night, but is it real? Who’s to know? Perhaps the time has come for the vampires to take back the throne.

Please see the information tab for game rules and other information and keep in mind that this is a medieval-era role-play game, so all wardrobe and character possessions should remain era appropriate. Thank you!

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