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The Conflict
The occasional conflict between the ferocious thieving Wolves of the Alpine and the Kingdom's citizens is creating rising tension. Farmers are the most in threat of this crisis. The attacks on livestock and field workers has tripled in a desperate struggle for food as hunters continue to diminish the elk population in the area. This tension has prompted the Kingdom to take drastic measures in securing their border while the werewolves of the pack carry out acts of defiance, turning to arson, thievery, spying, and even political sabotage. The Kingdom needs food and is thirsty for expansion in order to establish trade routes and further villages, willing to exterminate the vile seen wolven heritage despite any cost for the attempt at land. The wolves claim more members from families of the fields and now from within the castle walls, and refuse to silence their vengeance against the Kingdom for stealing the food that rightfully belong to them. These two major forces see the other as an evil and unwilling threat to their culture and to their resources.

Who will you defend? Fight for the cause or break the rules? You choose.

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