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The Wolves of Atlon

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Notice: This is an ongoing collaborative story centered around werewolves of a particular world of fiction clashing in modern day society. Rated Mature for most audiences. All uncredited works of literature produced are under the ownership of Atlon™ , The Wolves of Atlon™ and The Land of The Lupine™ .
The Land of The Lupine
✥ since 2012 ✥

Haehnley and Roth


BEFORE PROCEEDING, as many of you are already aware, Bzuzu has been experiencing technical difficulties and unpredictable shutdowns. Due to the last unwarned incident, it is well advised that any information and works you do not want to lose should be saved to either an outside, stable source or to the memory of your device. Because of this The Wolves of Atlon will be moving to and continuing our forums there. We are currently in the process of transferring all existing information over. Any questions or replies posted here will still be seen, however, I encourage you to check out our figment page for more stories and insiders. I go by the same name of Smith on both websites, and the group name is unchanged and is called, The Wolves of Atlon. For more information on website errors, here are a few tips as to why Bzuzu and other sites may been temporarily down. A website can appear to have gone down mainly for one of the following reasons:
A programming error on the website,
A DNS problem, or an expired domain,
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Something on the server has crashed, or
The whole server has crashed.
There is no telling when Bzuzu will go down again, or for how long, so please take necessary steps to expect and prepare for such an instance in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read this carefully! We hope to see you on our next adventure on Figment!



The Story of Us
The Wolves of Atlon originated from several great movies and novels to become what it is now, and still changing to be. Derived from the initial idea of The Wolves of Mercy Falls, a book about the possibility of werewolves among modern day society, the spinoff took a dramatic turn toward the similarities of Wereworld, a novel in which a prophesied hero is to save a fictional world in distress. As the number of participants on Bzuzu narrowed over the years, two major writers emerged and began advancing the ideas and perspectives of Atlon even further as the characteristics of Maximum Ride came into the storyline with Robin, a winged mutant, and the ACC, an evil science corporation. Some time passed before an alien connection was introduced into the plot. Taking the conflicts from the famous movies Avatar and Thor, of alien worlds clashing with modern day Earth, to bring together the creation of Caro, an alien planet that plays a major background role to the story of Sam Roth's life in Atlon. The idea for the crystal's power and ancient history was and continues to be developed, molding the basic elements from the Transformers movies. One of the last details to the entire construction of Atlon came from the series Nightshade, which has a complex plot that continues to grow in both Prequels and Sequels, and so too does Atlon as the history of Caro is uncovered. The story of Atlon is still in progress, and has been a long time journey through different manifestations of our most loved fiction worlds and scientific controversies. So as the reader, sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy the hunt!

Now for some fancy descriptions to get your imagination going...
“Adventure. The very word excites a person’s heart. It sends adrenaline through the veins. It causes some part of one’s mind, no matter how small, to feel a longing. An adventure means going into the unknown. It means daring escapades. It means risk. Everyone wishes for an adventure at some point in their life, whether old or young. We all have a yearning to travel, to discover things, to be on the edge of life itself. To be an adventurer sometimes is to be alone. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the ones closest to you. Sometimes you have to surrender love. And sometimes… Well, sometimes you have to give up your very life. Adventure. The word in some excites. In others it instills fear. In everyone’s mind, there is a reaction to this idea, no matter how small. Adventure means life or death. It isn’t a game. And it certainly isn’t some fun and short venture into the world. Adventure is real. It’s what wakes a person from the daydream of life.”
Wolf Gang

These creatures; almost indistinguishable from the true wolves, but larger and moved with the purpose and intelligence of a human; a human of such vileness and malice. They were pureblooded lupines, infused with such wild aspects that became occasionally uncontrollable. Their blood lust was legendary, a single bite would transfer their lupine disease, infecting it's victim within minutes if not days. When masked with their human disguises, they moved among us like thieves and spies. Like ghosts they could be there one minute and gone the next. These creatures brought a frigidly, cold new connotation to the meaning of werewolf. Creatures and humans alike beware, danger lingers at the feet of curiosity.

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