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Flower Power


Level: 1 - Basic
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The years of 1965 through 1975 were times of drastic change not only for countries, but for the entire world. Come be a part of a very significant era in history and join Flower Power: A Decade of Change. Start a band, watch historical speeches in DC, star in a movie, design a bright and fun clothing line, or just live life as you want... it's completely up to you!

Before joining please review the game rules on the information page. Thank you!

Groovy Game Features:
Need to brush up on your 60s and 70s knowledge? Visit the information page for a little info.
Have a favorite band, movie, fashion designer, etc. from this era? Use the connected forum to talk all about it and share your knowledge!
Not sure where to start with your character? Stop by the Information page for some Character Assistance.
Have a suggestion to make this game even better? Contact me (Chelsea Morning), I'd love to hear from you!

Have fun!

*Disclaimer: Though I will try to keep my own posts as historically accurate as possible, please don’t take everything written here as fact, for even I had to do some independent research to find the information I needed, and it is from a variety of sources including websites, books, music, videos, and interviews. I also do not own any of the pictures I post. Thank you to for the title picture*

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