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Subaruu who?

goodbye from me to you.

Level: 3 - Advanced
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13 years sure goes by fast. Made all sorts of friends and well, enemies on this here site. One hell of a ride.

HorseLand was my one of my guilty pleasures—loved it, and hated it. Sometimes both at once.
Writing there and here helped me grow though, I will admit that.

Oof, what should I say? Well, goodbye first and foremost. You can find me on plenty of other sites, and dare I even try to advertise myself but—

Me and my boyfriend have a, “do whatever the hell you want” website forum. Not as totally customizable as bzuzu but hey, it's close enough. (yes that's a URL) if you're interested. If not, well, I'll be seeing you around.

Imagnetrix on WeHeartIt, eezanagi on twitter, tialys on Tumblr, and ShadowNeroVI on Howrse.

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