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Where Dreams (or Nightmares) are Reality

Level: 1 - Basic
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Explore Terra Dei Sogni (also known as the Land of Dreams): a place where characters are diverse, expiring is impossible, and your only fear lies in the inevitable threat of possibly waking up. Will you finish your quest before the alarm clock goes off? (Well, we can only hope…)

Join Dreamer, the RPG where practically anything is possible, limited only by your imagination.

For more information and game rules, please review the information tab.

If you don't mind if people message you to RP with them on this game, please message me with this info and I'll add your name to a list. :)

Don’t Know How to RPG?

No problem! Visit the Information tab for a little walk through on how-to. Pretty soon, you’ll be Rping with the rest of us!

*Now Accepting New Members*
Please Read the Rules on the Information Tab before Joining

Special thanks to for the pictures.

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