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among the trees

a jaguar shifter rpg, now accepting members.

Level: 3 - Advanced
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the gods were not always silent.

once, long ago, they walked among us in fantastic guises, bestowing blessings upon the tribe. over time, as war cut down the tribe's numbers, the gods' shrines were left to decay--the priests who once tended them nearly extinct. the tribe secluded themselves in an attempt to survive, lifting their voices to their gods, praying for sanctuary. kyddis and kilena, the twin chieftains of the pantheon, granted this wish--but the magic required used up what energy the pantheon had left, and the gods were forced to hibernate.

within the rain forest there now lies a mist-shrouded area that covers roughly two hundred miles, and those who do not carry the blood of tribe cannot pass through the fog. on the other side of it is a paradise, made for the tribe members alone. in the center there is a great oasis, with a fantastic waterfall; behind the sheet of water lies a massive cave system, set into the side of the massive plateau from which the waterfall originates. this is the tribe's main living area, although some of the members choose to spread out over the two hundred miles that belong to them.

among the mortal shapeshifters of the tribe are immortal ones, demigod children of kyddis and kilena. half of them are female, half-sisters--the daughters of kyddis and multiple mortal shapeshifter women among the tribe. these women were rescued to his realm of kavox as they lay dying, and he preserved their strength and courage in the form of an immortal daughter. the sisters are powerful, with eyes that turn flashing silver with strong emotion, and the ability to exist off the energy of the world itself; they have no need for food unless they desire it.

the other half of the immortal shifters are male, the sons of kilena who came about in much the same way as kyddis's daughters--only the parents were reversed. warrior sons, they too can be sustained by the life force of the earth, but they still cannot go entirely without food. these two immortal lines are healers and fighters, defenders of the tribe's borders; they are rare, too, and there is some hostility among the mortals directed towards them.

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