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Remont - Kingdom of Magic

A place for all ...Or is it?

Level: 0 - Just for Fun
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Remont was a happy Kingdom. Ruled by a noble King and generous Queen, it seemed as if nothing could go wrong. Huge celebrations were thrown every week, with music and dancing and all the festivities.

And then there came magic.

The King and Queen were blessed with a gorgeous baby girl. She was to be born in the middle of Spring, when the fields were ripe with harvest. But, the Queen was ill. The King attempted to keep the news from the Kingdom, but word spread quickly. He had the best doctors come to see her, but there was nothing they could do. Many suggested magic, which he refused at first. But how else could he save her? He gave in. The King called in the best magician he could find, an elderly woman living in a cottage on the outskirts of the village. He offered her anything to save his family, and she demanded payment up-front. However, despite her best efforts, she could not save them both, and the queen perished, but not before giving birth to the Princess.
The King was infuriated. He condemned the woman of fraud, and ordered her and her family to hang for her supposed crime. But then, the most mysterious thing happened. Before the royal gaurd could capture them, they all disappeared. The only thing left behind in their cottage was a piece of parchment, on which was written:

"A curse shall fall upon this land,
So long as magic shall be banned.
Fair King, be warned,
Your evil scorn,
Shall be the downfall of Remont."

The King has since banned magic in all the Kingdom. Anyone caught with such powers is punished, including any mythical creatures, such as werewolves, unicorns, and dragons. Where people before used to live in peace and harmony, turmoil now reigns. Food is growing scarce, and a soon, war will break out. Who is safe?

-Hey, guys! All character types are welcome here! Feel free to join or ask any questions you like! Can't wait to play!

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