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Raptors Island

~Open~ Time To Run Into Hunting With A Roar!

Level: 2 - Intermediate
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In the middle of the ocean there lays a secret a magical island discovered not to long ago but yet it stays a secret, dinosaurs walk on this island dinosaurs that survived here for as long as thy can remember, but the raptors here owns this island running fast but with little skills so the adventures begin, the adventures that will effect both raptor and human.
It's a story about hope, love, trust, and hard times but working together will help save the island and the creatures walking on it.
The story started when a young woman got trapped in a storm and sailed to the island only to discover the unexpected soon realising that only a few raptors lived there she went to her closes friends and told them to help but to keep it a secret, buying and relocating other Raptors to this island making them run wild, still needing to learn how to hunt and survive they will need to depend on the humans for help but not all want it.

Ok for more information of the history there is one at Information.
I am thinking of writing a story about this so will need some help, go ahead claim or make a raptor to role play with.

The Island~ Currently the pictures isn't working will fix as soon as possible...

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