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Having problems with your login or password?

1. Remember that both login name and password are case-sensitive. That means you have to have them capitalized correctly. horse, Horse, hOrSe are all different names. So try to remember how you capitalized the names when you first logged in.

2. If the email that is listed in the account is still correct, we can email you a link to reset your password. Enter your login name and we will email you your password.
Login Name:

3. If you are a Premium Player and you cannot get into your account:
  1. Send us your playing name (and number), along with

  2. - If you upgraded by credit card, the transaction number you got when you upgraded or the name on the credit card you used.

    - If you upgrade by check, send us the name and address used on the check.

    Email these things to

4. If you want to change your password, Go to your home page and click the link at the bottom of the page. You will need to know the answer to the password change question.

5. Why can't Horseland help me with my Basic Player password?
If the password email help above does not help you, you will have to start a new account. Horseland cannot send out passwords for Basic accounts, even if you send us an email request. This is because we have no way to know who is the true owner of a Basic account (because there is no name or address listed in the account). Sorry!