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bzuzu news

Thanks for helping us launch Bzuzu!

3/6/2011 6:50:56 PM EST USA

Thanks to everyone who has been playing games in Bzuzu! We now have over 1000 characters created in all of the RPG games! That is incredible.

We appreciate all of the bug reports and suggestions that people have made. We have implemented many of the suggestions that people made.

Remember to tell your friends about Bzuzu and the RPG games you play here.

Welcome to Bzuzu!

12/11/2010 5:30:36 PM EST USA

Welcome to the new Bzuzu! We are still testing the site. We appreciate your patience as we try things out. Please post a message in the forums if you find a bug. Let us know what you were doing when you got a bug. Thanks Bzuzu and Horseland Staff

bzuzu time

Monday, March 25, 2019

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